Applicant Tracking System

Recruit and present candidates/consultants to third parties, such as colleagues or clients. With unique matching capabilities and innovative methods we help our customers increase candidate re-usability, speed up the recruitment process and reduce costs.

Staffing Solution

Simple, intuitive, transparent, reliable - with eBemanning you will save time while staying on top of the things that matter the most in your business. A staffing solution to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

Job box

Job box looks like a classic photo booth. In the job box there is a built-in Ipad where candidates perform their interviews.

Video Interview

Structured video interviews. Use tailored interview templates from our bank of standardized questions or add your own questions. Present full or partial video interviews to your colleagues & clients.


Together with Cut-e - world leader in online tests for recruitment, we have created a unique solution for recruitment and selection. We call the solution VIPA which stands for Video Interview & Psychometric Assessment.

"Saves time for recruiters, candidates and customers."

"Efficient workflow."

"Easy for the candidates."


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