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Intelliplan acquires Zerolime


Intelliplan with the leading web-based system for staffing and recruitment companies acquires Zerolime AB with the products eBemanning and Recruit. With the acquisition, Intelliplan strengthens its competence and position within staffing and recruitment systems in the Swedish market. For Zerolime and Zerolime's customers, we see that this provides greater stability and greater power to develop our business and to offer our customers better alternatives in the future. Together with Intelliplan, we get greater opportunities to be at the forefront in terms of development in both recruitment and staffing, and that is only positive for everyone involved.


Read more in the press release via the link below.

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Zerolime's offer

In Zerolime's system solution, different systems work together as one whole. The sales system (CRM), the recruitment system and the staffing system are three different systems, but thanks to smart integrations, they function as a unit and information flows through the systems as an assignment goes from the sales stage to recruitment and / or staffing.

The advantage is that all roles (salesperson, recruiter and consulting manager) get a system adapted to their specific needs and challenges instead of everyone working in the same multi-tool that is not really good at any part of the process. 

With our solution, you get real tools that work together thanks to smart integrations

We at Zerolime deliver systems for recruitment and staffing while our partners Upsales and LimeTech deliver CRM systems. They do it so well that we see no reason to build our own CRM system.

If you choose Upsales as a CRM system and connect it with Zerolime Recruit and eBemanning, the sales reps will always have access to up-to-date information on exactly how much revenue a certain customer generates and how it is distributed over the months. eBemanning sends all relevant financial data over to Upsales and updates it continuously with real outcomes.

Zerolime offers support for all roles in the company

Consulting Manager

Spend less time with manual work and more with building relationships with consultants.


Let the system help find candidates who are already in the database. 


Work in a real CRM system and get real financial results directly into your CRM.


Be in full control of everything that happens via reports and overviews. Build a BI solution using our API.


Let the system calculate salary and invoice amounts and minimize manual work. 

Simple and intuitive

Simple and intuitive

Client case studies

A solution to grow in

  • Start small and add features as needed

  • Scale up and down as needed

  • If you are just starting out: begin with our starter kit and add more as you grow

A solution to grow in

  • Start small and add features as needed

  • Scale up and down as needed

  • If you are just starting out: begin with our starter kit and add more as you grow

Digitize the entire flow

  • From advertisement to presentation of final candidate. Manage the entire flow digitally, including reference taking, integrated tests and video interviews.

  • From employment to salary. Digital signature of employment contract, scheduling, time report, certificate and complete documentation for salary and invoice.

Reuse of candidates

  • Faster selection process.

  • Better candidate experience - no need to apply again.

  • Lower advertising cost.

Zerolime's cloud solutions for Staffing and Recruitment

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