Zerolime Staffing System - eBemanning

Staffing system - eBemanning

Zerolime's staffing system eBemanning is a complete web-based solution for managing staffing. It is easy to use, modern and has lots of smart features to make everyday life easier. Let eBemanning also help you get more time for other things than administration! 

In addition to eBemanning being an absolutely top-class staffing system, it comes with help and support both in the form of personal support as help texts and guides for how to get the most out of your staffing system. 

Below is a selection of the smart functions that are included in the system and new ones are constantly being added. About once a month, a new version comes out with big and small news. The update takes place in the evening and does not require any installation from our users. Just start working as usual in the new version in the morning. 

Time reporting in eBemanning

Time reporting

The time reporting in eBemanning is intended to be used primarily in a mobile and is made to be as simple to use as possible.

Scheduling in Zerolime's staffing system eBemanning


eBemanning has a powerful tool for scheduling both short and long assignments and getting a clear overview.

Collective agreement in Zerolime's staffing system eBemanning

Collective agreement

eBemanning has full support for Swedish collective agreements and it is of course possible to use as many collective agreements as you want in the system.

Finance and Reporting in Zerolime's staffing system eBemanning

Finance and reporting

There are a large number of formatted reports that provide a good overview of finances, personnel and customers. You can also extract information in excel or connect to a BI solution.

Manage Personnel in Zerolime's staffing system eBemanning

Manage Personnel

In eBemanning there are ready-made templates for employment contracts and you can of course add your own. we also have integrations with digital signatures to make it even smoother.

Certificate of times in Zerolime's staffing system eBemanning

Certificate of times

One of the most powerful features of eBemanning is the review of time reports. It provides a clear overview while providing quick access to all details to be able to review and approve time reports before they go to payroll and invoice.