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Military Work

“Regardless of which industry you want to make a career in, you will go a long way with the right attitude. And for us as consultants, it is important to have effective processes in place for the candidates to find the right one. Zerolime has the best interface on the market, both graphically and functionally, which improves the experience for users ” says CEO, Mikael Karlsson and continues:
“The reuse of candidates is another important part. Thanks to the candidates being saved in the system, they can automatically be used again against other assignments that appear later. This means that we can maintain a high employment rate, which significantly reduces our transaction costs. ” he says.

The Place

“The collaboration with Zerolime has been crucial in being able to build a system that follows our needs and processes. They have tailored our recruitment and staffing systems and also helped us integrate them with our other IT systems. In addition, the actual implementation of the systems went quickly and smoothly, which meant that we never lost momentum. " says Pär Ola Wiberg, owner and vice president of The Place.


The recruitment and staffing industry has undergone major changes in recent years. A company that has adapted to the new conditions and become one of the industry's brightest stars is Jurek. 

Since the company was founded in 2006, it has grown rapidly and has also been named a Gazelle Company for the past five years. Now Jurek is taking the next step in development and streamlining its recruitment processes together with ZeroLime.

- As one of the industry's fastest growing companies, it is a challenge to find the right skills when customers need it. Today's candidates are a fresh product and we therefore need efficient systems that connect the best jobseekers with our corporate customers.
"ZeroLime's system solution has helped us scale up our business while maintaining the fingertip feel", says Johannes Schiölde, Head of Business Development at Jurek. 


The benefits of Zerolime are many, says Ilona Orgmets, Head of Recruitment and board member at Adecco. “By using Zerolime we can easily reuse candidates, today about 50% of the assignments (increases for each month) are added by existing candidates, previously a new process was started for each new assignment, through this reuse we save a lot of money on advertising and overhead costs , this in turn means that we have become much faster at presenting candidates / consultants to clients. ”