New release - January 2020

The January release is here. To read more detailed information about each episode, see our release notes.

  • New and improved warnings that reduce the risk of making mistakes
  • Improved design and process around editing work shifts

Other items

  • Previously, sub-consultants were shown who were linked to assignments but not scheduled twice in the resource overview. This is now resolved.
  • If an item of the normal working time type was deleted in an assignment, it could not previously be re-entered. We have now solved it so it is possible to register an article of the type normal working hours if the assignment does not already have such an article.
  • The integration to Agda PS (salary) can now receive 30 characters in the address bar instead of the previous 25.
  • In the reports "Reported time per customer" and "Reported time per customer with comment", a minor change has been made. Previously, the start and end time of the pass were shown, regardless of the status of the time. Now we have changed so that only the start and end of worked time is shown. If a person stops at 14:00 and is ill for the rest of the day, 14:00 is shown as the end time in the report. Note that absence in the middle of the day does not affect start and stop, unless the resource has worked before and after the absence.