New release - March 2021 - Zerolime Recruitment and staffing system

New release - March 2021

In the evening on Thursday 4/3, it's time for a new version of eBemanning. The big news for the month of March is one new integration to Fortnox salary which is built on API. This means that a file transfer is not required, but resources and salaries are pushed directly into Fortnox's salary in real time.

For a manual on the integration to Fortnox's salary, contact us at The manual describes what is required to get started and how the integration works.

New employer contribution

We have also updated eBemanning with new rules for the employer's contribution which came into force some time ago and which applies retroactively from 1 / 1-2021.

The new rules, which are temporary and apply even. 31 / 3-2023 states that people between 19-23 years have an employer contribution of 19,73% of up to SEK 25 per month. Excess salary has a 000% employer contribution.

These surcharges are now included in our financial reports and integrations so that TB is calculated correctly.

Other in the release

  • Support for coordination number

eBemanning has previously supported coordination numbers in terms of registering them in the system. We have now increased the support so that it also includes the calculation of employer's contribution in the reports. It is thus possible to use a coordination number and get the correct cost mark-up in forecast and financial follow-up.

  • Attaches monthly price to the person

In the previous version, we introduced expanded and improved handling of monthly prices. In reports, the monthly price was linked to the assignment, but we have now increased it so that the monthly price is also shown on the person. This means that if you look at reports based on a resource, such as if you search for a resource in the forecast report, the revenue is also displayed there. The exception is if you have a monthly price without a resource pope crane, then the monthly price is not linked to a resource neither in forecast nor in outcome.

  • Correction in the integration to Get Accept

Previously, it was possible to edit in the field in the employment contract, which in Get Accept was set as non-editable. This is now resolved.