New release - Oct 2021 - Zerolime Recruitment and staffing system

New release - Oct 2021


We are very pleased to present the October release of eBemanning, which will be one brand new portal for your consultants. The update takes place in the evening, Thursday 21/10.

The idea with the new portal is that it will provide a better overview, smoother handling when time-reporting a full month and faster registration of times for consultants who do not go on a schedule. In addition, we have added so that your consultants can report expenses, mileage compensation, allowances and other benefits that have to do with numbers and not time.

The easiest way to present the news in the portal is to show it. So therefore we have put together some films that briefly tell how to report time with and without a schedule in the base, how to register expenses and how accessibility works. The films are for you, but also for your consultants. You can therefore with advantage send the links to your consultants and encourage them to look at them. There are often good tips and tricks that make time reporting faster and easier for the consultant. Under the Communication tab in eBemanning, you can also upload the links in a message to the consulting portal, so that they are available after logging in. 

In addition to what we have made films on, of course there are also previous functions. For example "My schedule", "Stamping" etc. No functionality has been changed there, so they use these views in exactly the same way as before. We also have not changed their way of logging in. They have the same username and password and log in to the same place as before.

In the attached document you will find more details that may be good for you to know. Among other things, how you do to activate the opportunity to report expenses and how you can make other settings at the time account level so that the experience will be as good as possible for the consultant.

If you have any questions, you are warmly welcome to contact us at support at