New release - September 2020 - Zerolime Recruitment and staffing system

New release - September 2020

In this release of eBemanning, we mainly offer improvements in medical care. Previously, sick day 15 was presented as hours, but this has now been changed to be presented in days. The second change is that the sickness deduction for resources with a monthly salary is always made at 100% and then a supplement of 80% or 10% is made (depending on settings on the time account). Previously, a deduction of 20% or 90% was made on the monthly salary. None of these changes really change the salary itself. The calculation of salary has always been correct, but it is adjusted to be presented in a different way that fits better with how it works in your salary systems.

In order for illness from day 15 to be counted in days instead of hours, you need to make some changes to your set in eBemanning. Exactly how you should proceed and what other improvements we have made in the system, you can read more about in our release notes. If you do not want to make these changes right now, you can wait. Then sick from day 15 will continue to be calculated for hours until you adjust the settings.

And as usual, do not hesitate to contact us if you have follow-up questions or thoughts! You will then email to so we hear that way.

We wish you another great day at Zerolime!