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Primelink welcomes Military Work

We are pleased to welcome a new customer to Primelink and the eBemanning: Military Work! Military Work specializes in personnel with experience from the Armed Forces and works with both recruitment and hiring of personnel.

After evaluating a number of different systems on the market, the choice fell on eBemanning from Primelink. Military Works CEO Mikael Karlssons says this about how he experienced the initial journey as a customer of Primelink:

I am very impressed by eBemanning as a program and by the high level of commitment and customer orientation that the organization behind it has shown during our implementation. eBemanning as a program suits us perfectly and creates a good basis both for the daily operations and for financial follow-up and planning. I highly recommend eBemanning as a staffing system.

We are of course extremely happy and proud that Military Work has chosen us as a supplier and we will continue to work hard so that they, as well as all our other customers, will continue to choose us every day.

Military Work offers individuals with military experience new opportunities in civilian working life. Military Work is aimed at employers who see the benefit of engaging reliable or long-term people with high work capacity in the short or long term. The Armed Forces provides its employees with unique skills and experience. Military Work helps the individual to get the maximum exchange of their background in the civilian labor market and the maximum exchange of their civilian experiences in their role in the Armed Forces.

Military Work was recently profiled in Dagens Industri, read the article here: Dagens Industri

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