Primelink welcomes Scandinavian Healthcare Competence - Zerolime Recruitment and staffing system

Primelink welcomes Scandinavian Healthcare Competence

We welcome Scandinavian Healthcare Competence as new customers to Primelink and new users of the eBemanning system. During their selection process, they evaluated several different system alternatives and we are of course happy and proud that the choice ultimately fell on eBemanning and Primelink.

Therese Lundstedt Niord, operations manager at Skandinavisk Sjukvårdskompetens, was previously Consultant Manager at Sweden's largest care staffing company and has experience of almost 10 years in the staffing industry. She says this about their choice of system and system supplier:

Skandinavisk Sjukvårdskompetens is a newly started company that offers various types of competence supply initiatives, primarily in emergency care and psychiatry. In our choice of system, it was important that the system is web-based, user-friendly and with the ability to handle a wide range of different assignments and commitments that our business provides, we think these are some of E-Manning's strengths. We also value Primelink's customer-oriented and innovative approach and have been very well received during our start-up phase.

We look forward to a continued close collaboration with Scandinavian Healthcare Competence and wish them all the best in the future!

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