Zerolime's staffing system and recruitment system

Zerolime offers two standalone but interconnected tools, a recruitment system and a staffing system. These can be used individually or, even better, as a well-integrated complete solution for staffing and staffing.

 The recruitment system Zerolime Recruit is one of the most powerful on the market and contains a number of functions that make it faster to fill assignments and that it becomes easier to find candidates who have been involved in previous processes. Digital interview forms, digital reference taking and integrated video interviews make it easier to have all relevant information gathered in one place. You can choose between a more standardized appearance on ads and application forms or you can choose to completely control your candidate experience.

The staffing system eBemanning is an easy-to-use and intuitive staffing system that is easy and quick to get started with. It works just as well for fast, short bookings as for long assignments of a year or more. A clear schedule view, a consultant overview that highlights important information, such as an assignment that is about to end or a consultant who turns one, makes everyday life easier.

GDPR is of course close to our hearts and we have built in functions for automatic continuous cleaning of personal data as they meet your set criteria for cleaning out. You set it up once and then the systems automatically ensure that the cleaning is done continuously, completely without the laying on of hands.