Zerolime Recruit - Recruitment tool

Recruitment system

Zerolime's recruitment system - Recruit - is one of the market's most powerful and easy - to - use systems. With Zerolime's recruitment tool, you get a system that can be tailored for your recruitment process and for your way of working with candidates. 

The recruitment system has full support for online recruitment where the entire process can be managed digitally. All the way from the advertisement (or search among your existing candidates) to the candidate being presented to the customer or going on to an interim or staffing assignment. Thanks to our built-in video recruitment, interviews can be conducted and reviewed directly in the system where the candidate does the interview in their iPhone or Android phone in our smart app. 

Smart profile links allow you to present candidates without emailing your CV. In Zerolime's recruitment system, you set which information is to be included in the profile link and how long the link is to be active. You can also include video interviews as part of a candidate presentation. 

Reuse of candidates

Finding candidates who are already in the database is one of the most important ways to fill assignments faster while maintaining quality and precision. It also means a fantastic service to the candidate who gets a job they did not even apply for.

Video recruitment built into zerolime's recruitment system

Video recruitment

Video recruitment allows the candidates to do an interview at a time and place that works for them. As a recruiter, you can then go through the interviews in peace and quiet and be certain that everyone has answered exactly the same questions.

Candidate presentation via profile link in Zerolime's recruitment tool

Presentation of candidates

Candidates are presented with the help of presentation links where you as a recruiter can set exactly what information is to be displayed. It is a nicer and more GDPR-safe way to present candidates than, for example, emailing the CV and candidate descriptions.

Candidate experience

Candidate experience

In Zerolime's recruitment tool, you can control the candidate experience yourself. You are not bound by ready-made templates or other restrictions on how the candidate is taken care of on your side.

Digital reference taking in Zerolime's recruitment system

Digital reference taking

Zerolime's recruitment tool includes a smart feature for collecting references digitally. Send out forms and compile the results directly in the system, neatly, easily and quickly.

Zerobot helps to find candidates


Zerobot is a smart little feature that helps to find candidates who fit into a particular assignment, a contributing reason why our customers achieve a high degree of reuse of their candidates.