Summary of the first half year - Zerolime Recruitment and staffing system

Summary of the first half of the year

We at Primelink took over the eBemanning system at the turn of the year 2014/2015, so now we have soon been working on it for six months. This time has passed quickly and at the same time a lot has happened.

The most gratifying thing during the year is that we had a fantastic influx of new customers. We have increased our customer base by 250% during the first 6 months! OK, we started from a low level but there is still a huge influx of customers and in fact something more than our most optimistic forecast before we started.

We have also had time to make six releases of the system. Some of them have been smaller with minor adjustments and minor additions while others have been larger with significant new functionality. We aim to keep that pace with a new release per month also in the future so that everyone who uses eBemanning sees continuous improvement and development. All customers always have access to all news at the same time as the entire upgrade is done by us and then available at the next login to the system.

We would like to thank our customers and partners for the first six months and we look forward to continuing to work together for a long time to come!

Pleasant summer!