Applicant Tracking System



Our product has been proven successful when it comes to speeding up the screening process, enabling cost savings, at the same time as building brand value to our clients. The ability to implement the tool in a fast pace has also proven key to creating internal success and driving high usage.

Internal experience

  • Re-use of candidates
  • Volume recruitment
  • Specialist recruitment
  • Ease of use
  • Qualification capabilities
  • Screening process
  • Cost for advertising
  • Process time
  • Retention – Quality
  • Integrated
  • Reporting

Candidate experience

  • Present person in the best way
  • Involvement in process
  • Time efficient
  • Get an interesting and challenging job
  • Feedback
  • Look and feel
  • Meet “One company”
  • Ease of applying, reuse of information

Client experience

  • Quality, retention
  • Time efficient
  • Available 24/7
  • Re-use of information, for employment
  • Efficient interaction recruiter/employer
  • Ability to present to additional people

Staffing Solution



Simple, intuitive, transparent, reliable - with eBemanning you save time while staying on top of the things that matter most in your business. A staffing solution to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.


Flexible staffing solutions are here to stay. The improved adaptability is crucial in today’s globalized world. To maximize the opportunities both for you and your customer you need a cutting edge staffing solution – like eBemanning.

Job Box

Job Box

All Inclusive

Our Job-box looks like a classic photo booth. In the job box, there is a built-in iPad where candidates enter their contact information and then start the video interview. Each candidate receives about five questions to answer and which is recorded. The video will be deleted from the iPad as soon as the interview is complete. Candidates can also choose to make the interview from their own phone/tablet if they prefer that. The interview takes around 4-5 minutes.

Together with Framery we can deliver the box globally

Framery is a pioneer in soundproof phone booths and meeting pods for open-plan offices. With carefully designed details, Framery’s products can solve noise and privacy issues of modern offices. Silent workspaces increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Framery’s clients include dozens of world’s leading brands, including Uber, Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte and PWC.

More about Job Box (Swedish)

ZeroLime in collaboration with McDonald's presents the world's first video interview box

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Video Interview


Structured video interviews

Use tailored interview templates from our bank of standardized questions or add your own questions. Present full or partial video interviews to your clients.

Invitations or new candidates

Invite people from your existing applicant pool to take a video interview using a batch of e-mail addresses. Have new candidates from open applications interviewed automatically.

Supported devices

iOS and Android smartphones / tablets.

Supported Languages

English, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish & German



For it to be as simple as possible for you as a recruiter, we have already sorted your candidates by how well they match your job profile.

About VIPA

VIPA means a combination of work psychological assessments together with video interview via smartphone. That combination means high accuracy that the right person is chosen for the right job, while simultaneously keeping recruiter's time low. VIPA also provides high accuracy for a low cost. VIPA offers a quick, convenient, mobile-enabled recruitment option that provides a great candidate experience. A key benefit is that candidates don’t have to change devices to apply for a role. It also saves time for recruiters by delivering rigorous assessment and a competency-based video interview. We can recommend specific assessments to suit a wide range of job roles, so you can ensure that you’ll fairly and objectively recruit candidates who will be the right fit for the role and for your organisation.

How it works

The tests are customized for the type of job advertised. Recruiters can Specify a cut-off level for the stanine test score. Based on test score and video interview responses, select the most fitting candidates for the job. Candidates not reaching the desired cut-off level recieve an automated declination mail after a set time and the recruitment process ends. Based on test score and video interview responses, select the most fitting candidates for the job.

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